About Us

Learning Together

Hoodview Church of God is a fellowship of Christians who believe that God’s Church is the spiritual body of Christ; and is made up of all Christian people.

We are a non-denominational church and voluntarily associate with a group of non-denominational churches known as the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

We believe the church is not an organization you join, but a fellowship of persons who have experienced a spiritual rebirth through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ — becoming a member of the Family of God. All Christians who make this congregation their church home by participation in the life and ministry of the congregation are regarded as members.

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“Jesus is the Subject.”

Jim Lyon, General Director, Church of God Ministries

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Our Story

A Kingdom Movement

From its start, Hoodview Church of God has been about Kingdom expansion. When Johnny Green, our first pastor, stepped off the train in tiny Woodburn in 1893, a Kingdom movement was established in the heart of this community as the church served as a catalyst for the start of many new churches throughout the region. Today Woodburn is a growing, thriving community that celebrates a diverse population. The physical and spiritual needs of our community are even greater today and our church is strategically situated to once again be a catalyst for Kingdom growth.

We daily seek the Lord and grow in our love for Him. We seek to be disciples (apprentices) who are growing and living out a vivid faith. We believe that the more we grow in the Lord, the more we will seek to give away His love. We will live authentic lives where Jesus is the focus of our hearts, not simply an add-on.  

We envision a community where we partner in cooperative ways with other Christians and churches to shine the light of Jesus more powerfully and effectively. We long to see every heart and life transformed by the power and grace of the Lord. God is already working all around us. He has strategically placed us throughout our community to be “lighthouses” of faith, living out our faith in practical expressions. As we listen and respond to the Spirit’s promptings, we will serve our neighbors in tangible ways, praying for them and serving them as we deepen connections.  We will seek to be God’s “hands and feet” to our neighbors as we engage them as part of daily life. Our heart’s desire is to introduce people to the transforming love of Jesus and the difference He can make in their lives.

We invite you to be part of our story and journey as we continue to seek to grow God’s Kingdom.